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Convert vCard (VCF) to CSV

Do you need to import Your Contacts to Gmail, Outlook, or another mail platform or CRM? Or maybe you’re looking to merge contact files from multiple sources into one system or file? Whatever your situation, Contact Converter will help organize and import all of your contacts – wherever you want!

Contact Converter™ is:

  • 100% free
  • Easy to use
  • Converts an Unlimited Number of Contacts
  • Supports Google Contacts



Contact Converter Software is the friendliest and easiest solution to quickly convert multiple vCard (VCF) files to CSV file and vice versa.
It’s completely free of charge and easy to use, even for the most technically-challenged.
No other solution on the web gives you the ability to organize your data and migrate quickly between vcard and csv formats – for free!

With Contact Converter, you can even save your contacts in Gmail CSV format which can be imported intto Gmail account and synced to your Android / iOS / BalckBery / Windows Phone device. Or perhaps you want to migrate contacts from multiple sources to your favorite mail client and/or organizer such as: MS Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, Mac AddressBook, LinuxKontact/KAddressBook, Evolution, ThunderBird. Contact Converter™ does it all!





Contact Converter™ will generate the import files you need to easily and quickly transfer your contacts to another mobile device, email provider, or CRM. With universal file types like CSV and VCF/vCard, Contact Converter™ will give you the file/s you need to get the right contacts in the right place – without any of the headaches. There are endless opportunities for transferring your contacts using our free tool, and it’s easy!:

vCard to CSV

  • Select one or multiple vCard format (vcf) files (or just select directory that contains vCard files and Contact Converter Software will do the rest)
  • Select the appropriate CSV format (standard, Google CSV format)
  • Click “Convert”
  • Newly formatted data is displayed – You can delete or rename any column from the generated csv file.
  • Save your new CSV file!

CSV to VCF (Contact vCard format)

  • Select properly formatted CSV file
  • Your fetched contact data will be displayed in the table.
  • Each table row will be converted to separate vCard file.



Create Contact file (vCard format – .VCF)

Need to create vCard for you and / or your company?

  • Just fill-up the fields and
  • Click “Generate”
  • It’s that easy!